1) The Quik D-Livery was a new casting for 2013 so it was only fitting that it be introduced as the first SJPD Hot Wheels Club Car and was limited to 20 numbered vehicles offered exclusively to club members for $25. There will be more club cars to follow. Check back soon.

2) The second SJPD Hot Wheels Club Car of 2014 was the T-1 Drag Bus.

3) The third SJPD Hot Wheels Club Car of 2015 will be a Dairy Delivery dressed up to head to the Jersey shore.

3.5) Our first Christmas Edition 2015 Club Car will be a Red/Green Boneshaker.

4) The fourth SJPD Club Car of 2016 will be a Convoy Custom dressed up in a patriotic red/white/blue stars and stripes.

4.5) Our June 2016 Cook-Out Car was a VW Micro Panel & autographed by Mike Zarnock...

5) The fifth club car (2017) will be a 64 Ford Falcon done up in flat black & pink in old school stock car fashion sporting sponsorships from all 3 states NJ, PA, DE.

5.5) Our March 2017 Drag Demon Event car 71 Mustang Funny Car 2 of 2 made.

5.75) Our June 2017 Cook Our car (The Jersey General).

6) Our 2018 Club Car is a 1967 Ford Bronco painted to honor the HW's Race Team colors.

6.5) March marked our 5th yr as a club and Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary so we thought it was only fitting to select this black n gold paint to cover our March Drag Demon race.

6.75) Will by our June 2018 cook out 50th Annv. tribute Sivlerado.

7) 2019 Club Car is a Fast N Purple Charger R/T.

7.5 2019 March Demon Race very own SJPD Honda Turbo.

7.75) 2019 Cook Out Throwback 36 Ford of better known as the Neet Streeter.

8) 2020 Club Car Proto Photo GMC Motorhome pictured below.


2020 club car.jpg